Beautiful Weirdo ™

 with T. C Mason, LICSW, LCSW-C

is an inspirational transformative life-style brand that empowers and encourages people

 to GROW, LOVE, and HEAL via

Music (singer/songwriter, Greenteasoul), Fitness, and Wellness

(clinical therapy, coaching sessions, webinars, and workshops).

 It is a nationwide movement to encourage people to embrace who they are while

empowering them to live freely, boldly, and courageously.


T.C Mason is a licensed clinical counselor from Washington, DC who specializes in clinical therapy to assist people with being their best selves.


She received her undergraduate and master’s degree in social work from the University of Pittsburgh. Soon after graduating, she returned to DC and worked as an entry-level front-line social worker and was later promoted to program manager of a prestigious foster care agency.


She retired from foster care to pursue her happiness and found her happiness in becoming a fitness instructor, wellness consultant, and motivating people to pursue and do what brings them joy. She also continues to work as a clinical therapist and vocalist. She has been in the mental health field for over 13 years and has a private practice where she counsels diverse populations: children, youth, individuals, couples, and families. T.C brings her expertise in clinical counseling to use different mediums to encourage people to accept and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of his or her own peculiarities. T.C will help you embrace your uniqueness and empower you to be the best at being you. We are all beautifully unique and so we are all beautiful weirdos.