Health & Happiness Strategist

Listen, I  know life sometimes feels overwhelming, like you're being pulled in so many different directions (and truthfully, sometimes you are). Juggling diet, exercise, family life, work life, social life, goals, and making an impact in this world is no easy task.

Oh, and I forgot one thing, the expectation of maintaining your sanity and mental health while

juggling all these balls.

Whew! You need support, tools, and strategy!

Well, you've come to the right place!!



Welcome to Your

 Health & Happiness

Strategy & Implementation Camp!


Let's call it, Health & Happiness Life Camp, for short. What is a Health & Happiess Life Camp?! Glad you asked. It's a place where Beautiful Weirdos connect to learn how to increase the elements contributing to their health and happiness, leading to a flourishing life where they live freely, boldly, joyously, and

courageously, while empowering others to do the same.

Whew...that's a mouth full.


Cliff notes version: we're all one of a kind, and a Beautiful Weirdo is a person who accepts and enjoys the beauty and uniqueness of their own perculiarities. We are all beautifully weird in one way or another; it is our superpower, and we must explore, understand, and accept ourselves to harness our powers. This understanding is essential to living a flourishing life. 

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Health & Happiness Strategist, T.C Mason

T.C  is a licensed clinical therapist who brings her expertise in clinical counseling

to use different mediums to decrease stress and increase  joy and happiness in life.