Do you feel like you're not making the best out of your life, like your not living freely, boldly and courageously enough? Want to gain the confidence to pursue your dreams and live unapologetically, then join Beautiful Weirdo. Beautiful Weirdo acknowledges your uniqueness and helps you to decrease your stressors and increase your happiness so that you can be your authentic self.


Need a little more direct time with TC? A private session can set you on the journey to decreasing and managing your stressors to get you accepting, enjoying, and embracing who you are. In 1 on 1 sessions with TC, you will be empowered to learn, grow, and heal from every life experience and also discover your gifts and talents that make you unique.


Also, do not hesitate to join the #imabeautifulweirdo campaign by sending your picture with your name and title along with the answers to the following questions: Have you ever felt out of place, like you didn’t’ fit in? How did you turn that awkwardness into beauty? These posts will be posted to the blog & or facebook group


If you have questions or wish to book private life coaching sessions, schedule workshops, or other events with TC, we’d love to hear from you. Please complete the contact form. The Beautiful Weirdo™ team reads every message, and it is our goal to respond within two business days.

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