"Whenever it gets tough, I honestly think back to that session and tell myself,

"You can do more than you think you can."


"TC has the unique ability make each person feel special

and that they are capable of doing anything they put their mind to.

TC is a great instructor with high energy and genuinely cares about people.

She is able to focus on the individual set goals/plans to fit you. It is a great investment.



"TC is tangible. I wasn't just a number.

I was a person who had real needs and she met them.

She understood the demand on my life, and gave me room to be.

You have nothing to lose except the very thing you WANT to lose."


TC's classes are so energizing and her personality keeps me coming back.

Some days I'm tired but TC has that energetic spirit that fills the room and pumps you up and her playlist is the bomb too.

One of the things she says is "make it your own" and I do that a lot.

She has gotten to know us by name and I think that's so special because her classes are large.

I've gotten so much stronger and my energy level has definitely increased

since I've taken TC's classes and I've lost some weight, which is always beneficial for me. 


I love TC's energy and her classes are very high intensity . She always makes sure that she gives individual attention to each and every person in the class and has a quality of connecting with people on a personal level. She is very honest and a reliable person to work with.