The Embarrassing Moment I Never Wanted to Happen

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How Old is TOO Old...

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Hello Adventures: How I Saved 2,000 Dollars Without Even Thinking About It!

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3 Ways to Get A Head Start on Your Summer!

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Part I: No Hair, Don't Care

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The Embarrassing Moment I Never Wanted to Happen

There are certain things, that at the sight of them, bring me immense joy. Like trees and nature's brilliance! Anyone who's been around me long enough, knows that if a tree has climability (yes, I made that word up), then it's a given, I'm climbing it. I also like climbing rocks...and swings... bike riding....anything adventuresome, which brings us to my adventure in Central Park New York.


Soo.....I don't know if you've ever had the opportunity to go to New York and experience central park ...if you haven't, it's definitely a must do experience. It 's a smorgasbord of diversity. You find people doing karate, photo-shoots, roller skating, djs on the 1s and 2s,  blowing bubbles, dancing, monks giving out bracelets....I mean the entire gamut. I loved it.  Not only do you find all different kinds of activities in one place, they have random huge bolder rocks jutting out of the ground.


Now, when I saw these huge rocks, my heart sang! My gray military combat boots began a quick shuffle then transitioned into a full on jog to get to climb to the top of the rock.  I was smiling so hard. Now I neglected to mention that I was with my husband and another couple and that it was slightly raining on and off throughout the day...... ehhh details....I saw the rock and I was gone! Yup, my good friends and hubby were left in the dust!

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How Old is TOO Old...

Seasons are changing so fast. Summer is gone, and Fall is here.  Before the close of summer,   I celebrated my 22nd birthday for the 15th time. Yes, you can be 22 for 15 years, LOL. Quick thank-you for all the well wishes, messages, and gifts. I greatly appreciate it and my b-day was truly Awesomesauce!


Now although, I'm 22 AGAIN there's always this question that lingers in the background as you put another notch in the belt of life.


HOW OLD IS TOO OLD?... to have a baby, to try something new, to lose weight, to quit a job, to start over, to change your style/wardrobe, to change careers/passions, to travel, start a business, to change your hair, start a blog, write your first book, take classes,etc? Huh? What age do you say?!


I. Say. NEVER. I say as long as you're breathing, it's never too late. It's only too late when you've taken your last breath (I know, a bit morbid, but true).


Picture this, a 22 year old for the 15th time is super duper nervous about trying something she wasn't successful at the first time, guitar lessons. I've been singing all of my life, have 5 albums, yet I don't know how to read music or play an instrument. This has always bothered me. So instead of being jealous of those who can play, I decided that I'd try again. I even took my husband with me for moral support as I signed up to take classes.

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Hello Adventures: How I Saved 2,000 Dollars Without Even Thinking About It!

September's here! Seasons are changing and my b-day month is here:). Since it's my b-day month I decided to start it off with a bang:)...I did something I've always wanted to do. I did an underwater photo shoot. Why?! Because it's an adventure I've always wanted to do. Now this adventure didn't just come about, this is something I'd been thinking about for the last couple of years, but for some reason I was either out of town or wasn't prepared financially to jump on the adventure when it was offered. Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure been invited somewhere....but you just didn't have the funs? Please tell me I'm not the only one! 

Photography by Derrel Todd of Footprintfotos  Make-up by Kiersten Lynn
Photography by Derrel Todd of Footprintfotos Make-up by Kiersten Lynn
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3 Ways to Get A Head Start on Your Summer!

June is here...can you believe it?! Only 15 more days until Summer. This year is going by so fast and I tell you, you don't want to be caught with the "where did my summer go?" look as you scramble to make the best of the last two days of summer. So how do you escape this?


1. Don't wait until summer starts to start planning for the Summer. Start your plan today.

Summer is peeking around the corner like, " Yoo hoo...I see you," and we all know that as soon as summer starts, within a blink of an eye, it's over. So...


2. Create a list of at least 10 things that you want to do/accomplish this summer.

One of the ways that I make the most of my summer is to create a list of of at least 10 things I want to do this summer. The list could include things as simple as go to the beach, go on a winery tour, ride a train to random place, travel to NY, read 10 books, play kick ball, go on a hike or adventure alone (for those who have children...a day alone is liquid gold lol), make a candle, get a new tattoo, vacation get away, etc. I've been making these list for years and I've noticed that I accomplish all or minus two goals on my list. It's something about writing something down and declaring what you'd like to do. It gets your spidy senses heightened and you're more hypersensitive to events and activities around your goals.....and you're more likely to accomplish what you write down.


3.  Pencil in the dates for your adventures on your calendar  

Taking it a step further, after you write your "great 10" summer adventure list put perspective dates on a calendar:). This helps you with being aware of how much time you have and  helps you keep control of your summer. I don't know about you, but I don't like feeling like my summer days are running aways from me.


Now that you've got a plan...there's nothing left but to do it. I'm a firm believer in making the most out of the time we have. Let's Get it. Let me know know what's on your "great 10" summer list and how you'll be making the most out of your summer! We all can learn and  get some ideas for our lists. 


Here's my list....what's yours?




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Part I: No Hair, Don't Care



No Hair

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How Could  You Have Such A Bad Child?!

You see this smile? It's a ray of sunshine and its the smile of my 13 year old son, Ed, whom we adopted some years ago (I'll tell you all about that family saga that led to us adopting two children during our 2nd year of marriage another time). 


Now, when we welcomed Ed into our family, he had already been diagnosed with Autism. For those of you unfamiliar with Autism, or autism spectrum disorder here's what it is in a nutshell:


Autism or Autism Spectrum disorder refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences.


As a social worker, I had some knowledge of autism, but not enough to prepare me for all the different things that come with  parenting a child with autism. 



 The stares. The questions. The  people who avoid interaction with your child or gawk at him from a distance. The people who act like he has some sort of contagious disease that if their child played with them, then they'd catch it too. The people who look at you, like something must be wrong with you for you to have had a child like that.


I'll never forget the time in children's church, where they were like "Oh he has Autism?  I just thought he was a "bad" kid." Now  normally, I'm pretty cool, but you mess with my husband, my kids, or immediate family ...and YOU WILL SEE ANOTHER SIDE. 


But this is the parenting life and I haven't even included some of the fears I have for Ed, like him being taken advantage of or him being misunderstood or someone hurting him because he hasn't mastered appropriate societal physical boundaries. I often have conversations with my husband, like if something happens to us, what's going to happen to Ed. These are real issues and sometimes you think you're the only person who experiences these multitude  of feelings, but after a recent response from a fb post I know that I'm not.  So many people commented, left messages, about how they have been affected by autism. Now, I knew some of my friends had children with autism, but this went way beyond my imagination.


Though we all have our experiences of being affected by Autism, the are not all the same, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wish people would take the time to understand the uniqueness of  children with special needs. Practice and give looks of compassion for all of humanity.


At the end of the day, I want people to know that any person who has autism or seems different from the "norm," is a human being who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.....not just a "bad child." How do we do this? By sharing our experiences with autism to bring about awareness.


April is Autism Awareness month!


And I'm here to celebrate my 13 year old son, ED, as well as all my friends and family affected by Autism. Though every day isn't a walk in the park, I celebrate his uniqueness and the joy he brings to our family. He is beautiful & unique, and a beautiful weirdo.


I'd like for others to honor those affected with autism as the beautifully unique people that they are and so I've partnered with some organizations in facilitating a 5k walk for autism and raising money for F.A.C.E (Facing Autism with Children Everywhere). You can also DONATE too. Join us, spread the word, and lend your support! We also have Special EDition Beautiful Weirdo for Autism Shirts available for men, women, & youth. A portion of the special edition shirts for autism will benefit F.A.C.E too!




The Story of Being  Cold as Balls...

The last couple of days....

have been cold. Freezing. Hail. Ice. High Winds, Etc. The weather man had predicted a snow storm and of course everyone was in a tizzy and rushed to the supermarket to stock up on it's the last Armageddon. 


I always say, I must be in the wrong profession because the weather man continues to get paid even when said snow storms and predictions don't come true. Rain or Shine...Snow or Not....they are still collecting coin.


Well there was snow. There was hail.  There was ice. But all those inches of snow. Nope.  School closures, yes.  Even the cancellation of gym classes....which got me bummed.  That Tuesday morning, I was looking forward to teaching my normal 9:45 am Zumba class....but I got the call that all gym classes were cancelled. Fooey! Safety first though...


So I asked I need to teach the class at the gym...can I teach it from home? And so I did. I couldn't stop the class from being cancelled but I could create my own party:)


Instead of moping around, I made an announcement to my fb and fitness enthusiasts like look....I'mma live stream doing zumba from my home....and you know what, people logged on an partied with me.... we had a #snowfit party AND they want me to do it again:)  It was blast.


I realized that there are things that I just won't be able to control...but if I choose to think outside the box then I can adjust some things to reach my destination.


After all, that's what life is about.  Life's about being flexible and adjusting to the things that come our way.....especially the things that are beyond our control.


Feel free to like me on Facebook i can keep you in the loop for the next live workout:)  and share the video with friends:)



#snowfit Workout

Beyoncé Taught Me...

Photo Courtesy of Beyonce's Website:)
Photo Courtesy of Beyonce's Website:)
A month or so Beyoncé dropped the news that she was
expecting ........TWINS! It seemed the world was stunned as anything Beyoncé does seems to be a world phenomenon. Beyoncé  is a trendsetter so although women have been having babies and twins for centuries, I now expect a surge in the births of multiples and several copycat maternity shoots.  That's just how it goes.  I'm used to it & I'm prepared for it.
Now, what I wasn't prepared for was the backlash Beyoncé received from her maternity photoshoot. People made fun of the photoshoot's artistic direction and were unimpressed.
They didn't hold back their thoughts, AT ALL....
Yikes, tell us how you really feel.
After seeing people's responses my thought was geez, doesn't matter what she does, there will always be something.
Beyonce's Superbowl Announcment
Beyonce's Superbowl Announcment



I remember when she announced her first pregnancy after her performance at the Super Bowl. Of course the audience loved it, but not too soon after,  the rumor mill was relentless in saying that she was not physically pregnant...and so on and so on.


There were clips on youTube showing her stomach collapsing when she sat down for an interview. 


Then there were the conspiracy theories..... she got a surrogate and so much more.  





Photo Courtesy of Beyonce's Website:)
Photo Courtesy of Beyonce's Website:)

Now, she's bare belly and sharing more of this twin pregnancy experience and IT STILL ISN'T ENOUGH.



Beyoncé taught me that you can go out of your way to try and convince people of your truth....and it won't even matter.


People are going to believe and

run with what they want to to believe. PERIOD.


Your truth is yours and no one else's so....
















Thanks Beyoncé. 


Silver Linings in Mistakes

I'm a serial crafter who finds joy in creating things. Everyone knows this, so it's no surprise when I get tagged in different craft projects.


Recently, I was tagged in what is the new crochet crave, the messy bun hat. Though I had looked into  creating this before, the pattern that was sent was the only one that resonated within me. Plus, I already had the yarn needed ... so it was meant to be, right?!


Wrong. So wrong. My attempt went horribly wrong. Turned out I used the wrong stitch. Instead of using the single crochet that the pattern required, I went to using my favorite, double crochet.     My brain was on autopilot. I realized this half way thru, but decided to keep it moving.  

The result ... uhh not the messy bun crochet hat.


I decided to make something of it and closed the hole in the top to make a hat. ... turns out my husband loved the idea and wanted the hat.... with my label on it. Presto... here ya go hubby. He wears it all the time now.

So after my first attempt was an epic  fail ...I decided to try it again. 


But before doing it. I refreshed my memory on the different stitches having noted that it's easy to fall back into familiar and or favorite routines (Message!), especially when you aren't paying attention.  I reread the pattern and voila ... better results.


I learned a lot from this experience as I'm of the thought that tangible decisions give insight to our internal decisions.


  • I learned that trying something outside of your comfort zone takes focus or you could slowly find yourself back in an old pattern.  


  • It takes courage to stop and admit your mistakes and even more courage and boldness  to start over & try again.


  • One more thing, even though I didn't enjoy not nailing the messy bun hat on the first try, something good can still come from a mis- take if we are open to see it! It can benefit someone else or it may be preparation for something later in life. 



Valentines Day 2017.....


And I'm still reaping the benefit from my Mis--- Take:)



There's a silver lining in every mis- take, when we choose to see it:

Joy, Harry Potter, & Dementors

When I was in grad school at the University of Pittsburgh, I worked as an intern for a welfare to work program. During my internship, I was tasked with facilitating a workshop on Joy for all the participants. As much as I thought the workshop was for them, the information and knowledge I gained from preparing for the workshop, was as much for me, as it was for them. In fact, I didn't realize it until now, but the mission of the pursuance of joy has stuck with me throughout my development.


But, it just hit me this morning, the importance of joy...


I mean, it hit me like of ton of bricks.


And it all came after this question, "How is it that you do so much?"


I get asked this question a lot....and honestly, the last time I was asked, I really didn't know how to effectively answer it. My answer last week was, "Ummm, having a supportive husband." Though that was partly true it wasn't my YES answer (you know when it's a yes....its a confident sure yes...). Not having the answer to that question has nagged at me for the last couple of days.


I get asked this question a lot....and honestly, the last time I was asked, I really didn't know how to effectively answer it. My answer last week was, "Ummm, having a supportive husband." Though that was partly true it wasn't my YES answer (you know when it's a yes....its a confident sure yes...). Not having the answer to that question has nagged at me for the last couple of days.



And then I remembered. JOY.



I do all that I do because of Joy. Because of what I learned from doing research on JOY when preparing for that workshop a long time ago. I learned then and I know now that joy is strength and the things that bring you joy is the fuel for your engine to propel you thru life. It gets you going....has the ability to keep you going in adverse times. In contrast, the absence of joy can suck the life out of you. I liken it to the scene in Harry Potter where the dementor tries to give him the kiss of death by feeding off of his sadness, despair, fear, joylessness, and lack of memory.




Harry got sucked in and almost taken out, but then he was taught how to survive a dementor's kiss (check out the entire Harry Potter series). But how do you ward off the dementor's kiss...JOY! HAPPINESS!!...





That's how I do, what I do. Although I take it one step further then Harry. I've taken the time to remember the things that bring me joy and IMPLEMENT them. What I've found in reference to people and joy, is that people forget what things bring them joy. They allow life and adulting to crowd out the things that bring them joy and so when life comes with deadly kisses, they don't have the joy to fight it off....or to endure.


I challenge least one thing that brings you joy and use your joy as a weapon to cut thru this thing we call life.

Tell me, what things bring you joy?




***Beautiful Weirdo Nugget: Don't forget the things that bring you joy as your joy is your strength to ward against the darkness.

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No Matter How Long It Takes...


Let me tell you something...


I've been working on the same goal for 2 years.



Since having, my daughter, Royal aka Beanie, 2 years ago, I've been working towards returning to my pre-baby weight of 115 lbs. 


Below the picture of my weight is a handwritten picture of 115 lbs that I drew 2 years ago (I draw my goals :) and the moment is here. Wee Hee!


But this moment didn't come without scrutiny. People would say and and still say all the time, " You look good, you don't need to lose anymore weight"... and that's cool... but when I have a goal in mind ... my goal isn't for people... it is for me and I seek to accomplish it. For Me.


Were there times when I wanted to quit, take a break... yup... did I... yup... but it's a journey and it's about the work you put in! I share this to let you know that anything you put your mind to is possible! As long as you have breath in your body, there's still time:) and if you need one to one individual weight loss therapy your girl is here for you :) wee hee! Learn more about  Beautiful Weirdo Fitness & Weight-loss Counseling


**Beautiful Weirdo nugget: As long as you have breath in your body, you have an opportunity to make things happen.


Be Beautiful. Be Weird. Be You. ALWAYS.