The Story of Being  Cold as Balls...

The last couple of days....

have been cold. Freezing. Hail. Ice. High Winds, Etc. The weather man had predicted a snow storm and of course everyone was in a tizzy and rushed to the supermarket to stock up on it's the last Armageddon. 


I always say, I must be in the wrong profession because the weather man continues to get paid even when said snow storms and predictions don't come true. Rain or Shine...Snow or Not....they are still collecting coin.


Well there was snow. There was hail.  There was ice. But all those inches of snow. Nope.  School closures, yes.  Even the cancellation of gym classes....which got me bummed.  That Tuesday morning, I was looking forward to teaching my normal 9:45 am Zumba class....but I got the call that all gym classes were cancelled. Fooey! Safety first though...


So I asked I need to teach the class at the gym...can I teach it from home? And so I did. I couldn't stop the class from being cancelled but I could create my own party:)


Instead of moping around, I made an announcement to my fb and fitness enthusiasts like look....I'mma live stream doing zumba from my home....and you know what, people logged on an partied with me.... we had a #snowfit party AND they want me to do it again:)  It was blast.


I realized that there are things that I just won't be able to control...but if I choose to think outside the box then I can adjust some things to reach my destination.


After all, that's what life is about.  Life's about being flexible and adjusting to the things that come our way.....especially the things that are beyond our control.


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#snowfit Workout