Tis the Season...to strip down!

The leotard I just threw out some months ago
The leotard I just threw out some months ago

   It's that time a year again where the holiday music is playing in all the stores and your e-mail box is filled with today's hottest deals encouraging you to spend that almighty dollar.  Well while people are getting caught up in the hype of buy, buy, buy, I've been doing some introspection as it concerns letting go.

   It all started  a couple of months a go when my girlfriend, Shelley B, mentioned she was reading a book called, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. She was talking about the difference it was making in her life as it concerns keeping her space tidy and also, clarity in general. This sparked my interest because anyone who knows me, knows how much I detest cleaning up (My husband will tell you). I had a maid when I was single.  My thought was, I work so hard, and the last thing I want to do was to spend my free time doing something I hate doing....cleaning up.  Well I started reading the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up...and it's a game changer and a must read!

     It takes on a total different approach to tidying up by starting with a premise of what brings you joy (she also has the specific Kondo method that accompanies this principle).  Simple question: Does this item bring you joy? If the answer is no, let it go. Discard. When I read this, it registered in my core and I was shocked at the same time. Like what do you mean by let it go...like give it away....throw it away...but this is the leotard from my bachelorette party (that happened over 5 years ago)?!! LOL! Yes, I still had it like it was a part of some sacred shrine.

    This book is about tidying up, but it also highlights that we are responsible for creating joy in our lives. I started asking myself that question, does this bring me joy and I realized that I was holding on to a lot of things that no longer brought me joy (people included, but that deserves it's own post). The item had served it's purpose, yet I was still holding on to it. Why?!! I firmly believe that the things that we do outwardly are manifestations of either the self-work/inner heart-work that has or hasn't been done. Tidying the Marie Kondo way had me discarding so much stuff and junk that was clogging up energy, physical and mental. Most importantly, it brought me face to face with my fear of letting go and it's root which was rooted in, "what if I never get this again?." It was rooted in the fear of being poor or going without again. I faced it head on and this process is steadily transforming my life, both inward and outward.  I put my hubby on to it, my daughter...and up next is my son's room. I called Green Drop to set an appointment to come get all this stuff. Side bar: Did you know that Green Drop Charitable Donations will come to your door to pick up the stuff you don't want  (for free) AND they also have a free concierge service to help you get everything together....AND it's a tax write off!  Well, the appointment has been scheduled and I'm on a mission and I'm determined to start 2017 surrounded by the things that bring me joy. So while everyone else is decking their halls and singing fa la la la....I'm clearing the halls, creating the space, and energy for all things joyous.  We're stepping into 2017 fearless, clutter free, and surrounded by joy! Are you holding on to things that don't bring you joy?! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

By the way, this won't be the last post on this....


Beautiful Weirdo Nugget:   You are a creator. No matter where you are, you can create an environment that brings you joy. You're responsible for your joy.  Create it.


Be Beautiful, Be Weird, Be you....