Extinguish vs Accelerate

Extinguish vs. Accelerate.


Evil days will come.

Adverse situations will come.

People will be people; some angelic, some monsters, and some are zombies (alive but dead).


The effort used to extinguish the light in people is real. However, the game is on you and the choice of rather to allow things to extinguish or accelerate your purpose is on you.


I've realized that what was meant to kill my influence in this world has just accelerated the process. What was meant to tear me down ... Force me into a depression or change my character or moral fiber---- failed.  Why?!! Because I have DECIDED that I will not let people or situations to dim or extinguish my purpose. Will I go thru things...have I gone thru things....YES! However,  by the grace of God, I've gone thru the fire (crazy situations) but I don't smell like smoke nor do I have any burns. Instead, I am ignited to make changes in the lives of others. I use the negativity or adverse situation as a stepping stone to propel me further in my purpose. Perspective and awareness of your role in this process is essential... realizing that you have a choice on the evil day that has your name on it is paramount...


So what are you going to do?! The choice is yours...

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