Beautiful Weirdos Unite

My sister called me a Beautiful Weirdo a long time ago...around 2004/05. It was a term she coined to describe my peculiarities.  It was the first time that I heard the words beautiful and weird in the same sentence and it resonated with me.  Those words were the start of a transformational and freeing journey of self acceptance.Who am I? I'M A 


BEAUTIFUL WEIRDO: a person who enjoys and accepts the awkwardness

and beauty of his or her peculiarities.


I'm a person who doesn't follow societal norms. I march to the beat of my own drum, my own music. I'm genuinely optimistic and idealistic, passionately creative, sensitive, anal and yet a free spirit. I'm all these things.  Yet, there was a time that I thought all these things made me odd and flawed. I used to think something was wrong with me. People, experiences, and environments can shape your self-perception if you let it (we'll talk about these things in future posts).  However, I've done a lot of self work to move from a place of oddly peculiar to a place of oddly beautifully weird.


When I was doing the work to truly accept myself, I realized that I was not alone. I'm not the only one who has ever felt odd or like they didn't quite fit in. There are many beautiful weirdos out there just like me, who at some point in their life felt like an outcast, but took their awkwardness and made it beautiful.  So beautiful weirdo is a term to highlight the beauty and awkwardness in us all and its a call to action for us to stop labeling our peculiarities as flaws but see them as beautiful. We are all unique and our peculiarities have a purpose. In future posts, I'll be sharing the stories of many beautiful weirdos from all across the globe and how they turned their awkwardness into beauty in the #imabeautifulweirdo campaign. Follow us on facebook:) Comment on the post and let me know how you relate to the concept, beautiful weirdo:) ...or if you don't.

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